{ 1984 - 2018 }
{ Frantisek Kast }

Olgoj Chorchoj


Folding Picure Book

Design for artist Epos 257


Size: 22 x 13 cm

Blind blocking

Limited to 200 pcs.

The Mongolian Death Worm

Olgoi-khorkhoi (olgoi = vermiform appendix, khorkhoi = worm)

is a mythical sand worm living in the southern parts of Gobi Desert in Asia.
It is described as an animal resembling an excessive earth worm or a large intestine filled with blood. It is allegedly 0.5 to 1.5 metres long. It does not creep forward but rolls sidewise, thus leaving behind its characteristic spoor. Attacking, it raises the front part of its body and its pinkish colour turns red. A claim has it that it attacks its targets with help of electrical discharges generated within its body. According to another version, it kills by way of spewing forth poison. It is said to be capable of killing a man on the distance of up to six metres. Although no scientists have ever seen the mythical creature, the Mongolians strongly believe in its existence.